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Cleaning and maintenance of inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-07-29
If the printer is stopped for a long time and does not discharge ink, it should be turned on once a week (ink supply), and each cycle should be more than 2 hours. 1. Check and clean the print head. The machine has been running for a long time. If there is ink or other burrs on the high-pressure board of the print head or other places, the machine may affect the bad typeface. At this time, the nozzle is cleaned routinely to clear the burrs and other things, and the machine will keep in good running condition. Therefore, the nozzle must be cleaned after daily use. After cleaning, use a non-woven cloth to dry or dry it directly. Be careful not to use a lint-free paper towel or cloth to dry it. 1. Clean the main unit, casing, fan filter The main unit and casing can be wiped with anhydrous alcohol to remove ink and stains on them. Remove the fan filter and wash it with clean water, dry it and put it back in place. 2. Replace the ink filter to replace the main filter: clean the spare filter with solvent, unscrew the filter head, connect the new filter in place, and connect the outlet of the pump to the inlet of the main filter (the inlet is in the filter The edge of the device). Replace the small filter: clean the spare filter with solvent, unscrew the filter connector, and connect the new filter in the original position. 3. Replace the ink. The ink cycle time period is 300 hours. If the printing speed is fast and new ink is constantly being replenished into the machine, the ink can be used continuously. If the printing speed is slow, and there is no new ink replenishing the machine after 150 hours of ink circulation, the old ink should be discharged after 300 hours and new ink should be replaced. The way to replace the new ink: discharge the ink from the ink outlet at the bottom of the ink tank. 2. Long-term downtime for maintenance If you have been down for a long time for more than half a year, all ink should be discharged, and the cleaning agent should be used instead of ink to run (manually test the pump switch, ink supply valve, and recovery valve during factory commissioning) until the pipeline is cleaned. Generally cleaning for more than 4 hours, and pigment ink cleaning for more than 10 hours.
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