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Clothing custom general how many money? Give you the answer -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-14
Now society is not a few pieces of personalization of clothing is to keep up with the trend of The Times. Clothing customization is clearly more universal, even ordinary people can also be very easy to customize, and the price is not high, close to our normal buy clothes prices. For enterprise, custom enterprise for employees, t-shirts, overalls, guanggu shan groups such as the clothing is more appropriate. Personality customization clothing custom general how many money? To give you the answer. This actually need specific calculate cost, including the bottom of the garment unlined upper garment, printing costs, the cost of custom number and so on. In general, the garment printing laser printing machine can custom design directly, even the mobile phone is now taken drawing and print design can also take a few minutes, and is very simple. 1. Bottom unlined upper garment price custom clothing first choice is the clothing styles and materials. Clothing customization is T-shirt or a POLO shirt, fleece, etc. , the prices are 15 - basic Within 40 yuan. Use pure cotton fabric printing effect is the best. The garment printing laser printing machine, print on the cotton fabric colors, color fastness to ultra-high, scratch resistant washable. 2. Printing size is also affect the cost price clothing custom design a big head. Some printing process, such as silk screen printing, according to the color charge, so the pattern color, the more the more expensive. The garment printing laser printing machine, not only can print the patterns of the rich, also can print gradients, prices are more affordable, better look. 3. Number of custom custom clothing in general the more customization, machines and custom cost will reduce, more preferential oh! Custom clothing, choose
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