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CO2 laser marking machine adds anti-counterfeiting effect to products

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-28

CO2 laser marking machine is mainly used in some occasions requiring finer and higher precision, widely used in craft gifts, wood, clothing, greeting cards, electronic components, plastics, models, medical packaging, architectural ceramics, fabric cutting Industries, such as leather laser marking, wooden packaging boxes, chopsticks lettering, pharmaceutical packaging box marking, etc., with the intervention of the marking content, the CO2 laser marking machine adds an anti-counterfeiting effect to the product.

CO2 laser marking machine adds anti-counterfeiting effect to the product

1. Make the product layered, which has a certain promotion effect on sales, and some have no anti-counterfeiting effect. In terms of labeled products, consumers are more willing to buy products with anti-counterfeiting labels.

2. Add selling points to the product, enhance the brand image, enhance the brand awareness of the product, and gain the trust of consumers.

3. It can better manage commodities. The existence of anti-counterfeiting labels is equivalent to adding bar codes to commodities, which is convenient for merchants to better understand commodity information during management.

4. Improve the company's image, crack down on piracy, the existence of anti-counterfeiting marks endows the uniqueness of goods, and counterfeit goods have nowhere to hide. The anti-counterfeiting logo is not only a simple logo, but also a product marketing tool, which is also a major selling point of the anti-counterfeiting logo.

5. It can advertise the product invisibly and reduce the cost of publicity. When we check whether the product is genuine, we can immediately know which company it belongs to.

CO2 laser marking machine marks products with QR codes, and anti-counterfeiting marks such as LOGO can provide consumers with assurance. Anti-counterfeiting marks allow consumers to buy safe and healthy products. Its advantages and value are far more than that. .

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