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CO2 laser marking machines are more environmentally friendly for wood applications

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-20

Carbon dioxide laser marking machine is an intelligent automation technology that integrates lasers, computers, and machinery and equipment. It is not demanding on the environment. The period of use of the machinery and equipment.

Laser marking machines are widely used in major industries. As a new type of machine equipment, laser marking machines mainly include laser cutting machines, laser lighting machines, laser Leadtech Coding machines, optical Solder laser marking machine, laser welding machine, etc. A subversive reform of laser equipment, it can realize standardized and intelligent production and processing, it is energy-saving, ecological and environmentally friendly, and has a high level of intelligence. It can also realize remote control and actual operation, which will greatly reduce labor and enhance the office environment. And greatly improve productivity and product grades, and promote the development and progress of new technologies.

What kind of specific environment does the carbon dioxide laser marking machine need:

1. The environment of the carbon dioxide laser marking machine should be indoors, and the temperature is best at 20 Between ℃-30℃, the ambient humidity is 30%-80%, which enables the laser equipment to perform production and processing operations in the best state.

2. The cooling method of individual laser marking machines is usually non-frost water-cooled, such as semiconductor laser marking machines. Therefore, to ensure the quality of cooling circulating water, mineral water or distilled water can be used directly. The cooling circulating water should be replaced regularly.

3. The power supply energy and wires of the carbon dioxide laser marking machine must meet the requirements of the machine and equipment. The fluctuation of the power supply should not be higher than 10%, and it should be connected to the ground wire.

In the beverage field, the difference between engraving on plywood and engraving on wood is not too big. There is only one thing to be careful about, and the engraving depth should not be too deep. The edges of the cut plywood will also turn black like the wood, depending on which wood the plywood is used for.

Wood is the most commonly used raw material for laser processing so far, and it is easier to engrave and cut. Light-colored wood such as birch, cherry or maple is easily vaporized by the laser, so it is more suitable for carving. Each wood has its own unique characteristics. Some are denser, such as hardwood. When engraving or cutting, a larger laser power must be used. Before engraving unfamiliar woods, it is necessary to first discuss the engraving characteristics.

The carbon dioxide laser is mainly different in wavelength and YAG equipment, so it absorbs non-metallic materials relatively well. If you just simply mark or engrave on the top of the wood, 10W to 100W is enough. If you want to make large-format, thick graphics, you must use high-power carbon dioxide. The best power is 2000W.

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