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Coding and marking, a good helper to distinguish the authenticity of cigarettes

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-14

'Smoking is harmful to your health' is printed on every cigarette package package, but if you smoke fake cigarettes, it is often more harmful to your body; most The fake cigarette has not gone through the steps of redrying, fermentation, and aging; and the filter is often inferior, so the tar content of the fake cigarette, the alkali content of the smoke, and the amount of carbon monoxide will be large The range exceeds the national standard. Because

the manufacture of fake cigarettes can generate huge profits, the cost is very low, and there is no tax, which leads to many people selling fake cigarettes to make a fortune. There are cases of fake cigarettes from all over the country almost every day. Exposure, and

Every time the amount is amazing.

Therefore, the national law stipulates that any unit or individual cannot conduct tobacco business and sales without applying for a tobacco monopoly license. At the same time, each cigarette has

a unique spray code, which is equivalent to the ID card of each cigarette when the cigarette is delivered from the warehouse. The spray code is based on different tobacco companies in different regions. The design, the coding is the same as that on the 'Smoke

Raw Retail Permit

The format of cigarette stick coding is two lines, the first line is pure numbers, a total of 16 digits, the second line is pinyin plus numbers, the number is 12 digits. As follows:

The first five digits of the first line of the barcoded barcode represent the sorting date of the cigarette products in the local warehouse. The first one represents the year, 0 represents 2010, if it is 1, it represents 2011, and so on. The second and third digits represent the month, such as 01 for January; the fourth and fifth digits represent the date, such as 02 for the 2nd. Then 00102 means

that this cigarette was sorted in our warehouse on January 2, 2010.

The sixth to sixteenth digits of the first line of the barcode inkjet code are the code derivation numbers, which are randomly generated by the cij printer. The random code of each cigarette is different, there is no special meaning.


The Chinese pinyin in the second line of the bar code spray is a custom message. It is the Chinese pinyin abbreviation of a certain tobacco, indicating that this is a cigarette from a certain tobacco company commodity.

The twelve-digit number in the second line of the barcode is the entire twelve-digit number of the tobacco monopoly license number of the cigarette retail customer wholesaled by the tobacco company. Each retail

customer’s ID number is different.

As shown in the above barcode, it represents several meanings: first, it was wholesaled by a tobacco company; second, it was on January 2, 2010 It was sorted in the warehouse of a tobacco company on the day. Third, it was wholesaled by the tobacco company to cigarette retail customers with a license number of 142301100000.

In addition, you should also pay attention to the packaging of standard cigarettes and the packaging of genuine products: the trademark mark is printed clearly and completely, the color is even, no leakage, the transparency of the transparent paper


High and firm paste; counterfeit cigarette packaging: the trademark printing is generally rough, and the packaging is loose.

Cigarette spray code marking, a good helper to distinguish the authenticity of cigarettes!

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