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Coding on aluminum

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-21

With the rise of China's real estate industry, the demand for aluminum has greatly increased. How to judge that aluminum is a qualified building material that meets national standards is very important. Its importance is just like

is the root of a tree, directly affecting the quality of the building.

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Here are some ways to distinguish true from false:

1. Look at the brand code. There will be brand inkjet codes on aluminum materials, whether they are true or false, they will be marked with a logo. Real inkjet codes are generally difficult to scratch off, while fake inkjet codes are easier to be wiped.


Second, look at the shape of the profile. Nowadays, the colors of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are very rich, and you can arbitrarily match the color and style of the home decoration. However, white broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are mostly used. For Zhenfeng aluminum, the original factory only has white and champagne colors. If there are other colors, they are sprayed separately by the processor. At the same time, the white of Zhenfeng aluminum is available

Milky white gloss, the color of many fake phoenix aluminum is pale white, without luster and texture.

Third, look at the heat insulation strip in the profile. Sometimes you will find that the heat insulation strips in the Phoenix aluminum profile look rough in appearance, is it such a fake? Actually

Otherwise, this kind of rough is actually the real aluminum with nylon insulation strips, while those looking smooth and shiny insulation strips are imitations. Insulation made of PVC material.

Fourth, look at the surface texture of the aluminum profile of the broken bridge. The original phoenix aluminum profile has a smooth and smooth process, while the counterfeit phoenix aluminum has many marks on the surface, because the counterfeit product has a lot of impurities during processing and is extruded. It will be uneven and have marks.

Five, the wall thickness of the card profile. For regular aluminum profiles for broken bridges, the wall thickness of the window profile will meet the national standard. The wall thickness is about 1.4mm, and the wall thickness of the door profile is about 1.6mm, depending on the thickness of the profile. If it is enlarged, such as 70, 80, 88 series, the corresponding wall thickness will be thicker.

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