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Coding solutions for the application of inkjet printers in the cans industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-03
The cans are generally made of aluminum, iron and other materials. In fact, the cans can actually solve the coding and marking of aluminum, iron and other materials. To choose suitable coding equipment to mark aluminum, iron and other materials, there are two coding schemes given by cij printer manufacturers: one is a small character inkjet printer, and the other is a laser marking machine. Today, cij printer manufacturers will introduce to you how these two marking technologies are applied in the can industry. Small character cij printers are used in the can industry. Small character inkjet printers are also called continuous ink supply inkjet printers. The working principle of small character cij printers is a non-contact method, which uses voltage deflection to deflect charged ink droplets to the object. The surface realizes the mark. The small character cij printer is used to identify the products in the cans industry with clear marking effect, fast coding speed, fast printing, and full realization of online marking. The laser marking machine is used in the cans industry. The working principle of the laser marking machine is to use a laser beam to damage the surface of the object to mark the product. The laser marking machine is used to mark the cans. Once the marking is completed, the cans cannot be modified. , With the functions of anti-counterfeiting and anti-crossing goods, to a certain extent, establish the brand image of the product and make the product truly anti-counterfeit. No matter which kind of marking technology is applied in the cans industry, it has its own advantages and disadvantages. manufacturers suggest that when purchasing inkjet printers in the cans industry, try to consider a more comprehensive coding scheme.
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