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Coding technology and coding solutions for fruit and vegetable applications (graphic)

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-14
Marking and coding solutions for the fruit and vegetable industry Whether you are a grower, packer or shipper, bagging canned corn, beans, fresh salad, or packaging frozen strawberries-Videojet has a coding and marking for you solve! The goal of the Agricultural Product Traceability Initiative is to 2015 each case of electronic traceability of agricultural product production. The Agricultural Product Traceability Initiative (PTI)-launched by the Agricultural Products Marketing Association, the Canadian Agricultural Products Marketing Association, and the American Fresh Produce Association in October 2007 -Designed to help the agricultural product industry develop traceability standards by establishing a common framework to determine the entire production supply chain. Current deadlines: 2014 and 2015. By the end of 2014, PTI recommends the completion of three milestones: Product growers and packaging are ready to apply for the specified GTIN and batch number to be shipped to human-readable information in each case. Product growers and packages are prepared to accurately scan and record the GTIN codes and batch numbers of buyers and receivers in the GS1-128 barcode. The buyer, receiver and subsequent processing should be ready to read the barcode and electronic storage to receive the GTIN and batch number information from each case. By the end of 2012, PTI recommends that all buyers, receivers and subsequent processing programs can read and store the GTIN and batch number information in all outbound cases. Videojet can help you with your current traceability system to achieve a milestone in the printing solution when the Agricultural Product Traceability Initiative is linked to us: High resolution large character inkjet system-Videojet 2300 series label printer labeling Machine-Videojet P3400 The harsh production environment for packaging fruit and vegetable products can challenge the production environment: in canned applications, low-temperature frozen fruit and vegetable packaging and dusty conditions, when packaging fresh agricultural products with high humidity. Videojet provides printers that reliably endure these challenges and provide consistent codes for your products. Videojet 1000 series small character cij printers with their IP65 housing and cleaning flow? The print head cleaning system allows you to run longer cleaning between production lines and runs. Videojet's DataFlex thermal transfer printing is fully integrated into the production line and runs seamlessly, even under harsh conditions. Easy to operate Videojet's printer is equipped with an easy-to-use interface that makes it an easy task to generate print jobs and daily work. Even operators who have not used the former Videojet printers will be efficient with them in a short period of time. With the addition of Smart? Videojet 1000 series small character cij printer cartridges, potential errors are reduced to an absolute minimum. Although our DataFlex Plus printers are often fully integrated into your packaging machine, our 1000 series printers are equipped with built-in processing to provide mobile solutions that can be used in different production lines-it's just that you need to code and label your fruit and vegetable packs. There are a variety of fruit and vegetable products, and some examples of printing with different technologies.
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