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Color laser marking machine price and principle

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-17
Color laser marking machine market demand is very big, certainly discussed here is color laser marking machine prices and principle. Let's discuss the principle of color laser marking machine. Color laser marking machine, can give the marking items provide high contrast color effect. However, laser marking machine marking is the main principle of heat produced by the laser focus moments of the material surface gasification, the color of the general type. Is have a color, it is polarized laser marking machine adjustment of color, this is very difficult to adjust. Color laser marking machine is able to on the metal, with exquisite bright-coloured color; Not only that, color laser beam stability of the laser marking machine, laser power is strong. Color laser marking machine can be used in all kinds of metal, plastic, ceramic surface markers such as code. Buy laser marking machine price and selection consulting, please inquire.
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