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Combination of barcode printer and production line

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-07-31
products have always been well received by customers, especially: small character inkjet printers, plastic pipe inkjet printers, and food packaging cij printers. Among them, the advantages of barcode inkjet printers in product production are: 1 , Printing information can be changed in real time: The inkjet printer can print a different barcode just like the production date, which makes it possible for the company to encode each single product in the production management process. 2. Satisfy production process management: the printed barcode can be automatically dispatched to each production line. At the same time, through the information recorded by the barcode, the production source, time and other related information of each single product can be traced. 3. Matching high-speed production line: The inkjet printer is an industrialized product, and its high speed fully meets the requirements of various production lines. 4. The printing information has high accuracy: the inkjet printer is installed online, and it automatically prints in accordance with the production requirements of the production line, which avoids the possibility of manual errors caused by many companies using labeling in the production process. To sum up, the cij printer has become a necessary equipment for production enterprises. Making full use of its bar code printing function can make the inkjet printer play a greater role and generate more derivative value.
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