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Common causes and solutions for the power drop of laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-08

  Laser marking machine is a professional industrial processing equipment. It is prone to emergencies after a long time of use.

For example, many users have found that the power of laser marking machine has decreased. There are many reasons for the decrease in power of laser marking machine. The common reasons will be the following eight points. Here is a brief introduction to related problems. And solutions.

  1. Reason: The position and direction of the beam lens are not accurate.

   Solution: Adjust the position of the beam expander.

  2. Reason: The surface of the workpiece is not on the focal plane.

  Solution: adjust the surface of the workpiece to the focus.

  3. Reason: The marking speed is too fast.

   Solution: Appropriately slow down the marking speed.

  4. Reason: The laser power supply voltage drops, causing the laser output power to drop.

   Solution: The power supply needs to be replaced.

   5. Reason: The lens and lens are stained.

   Solution: clean or replace.

  6. Reason: The equipment has been used for too long.

   Solution: Need to inflate or replace with a new laser.

   7. Reason: The laser entering the galvanometer is off-center.

   Solution: Adjust the laser.

   8. Reason: The optical system is not accurate.

   Solution: Adjust the laser or adjust the position of the beam expander. The incident light should be at the center of the beam expander's entrance hole, and the exit light should be at the center of the light exit hole.

When the laser marking machine is maintained and repaired, some operations need to be completed by professional and technical personnel. Do not disassemble and repair by yourself, otherwise it will not only damage the performance of the equipment, but also cause damage to the operators. harm.

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