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Common faults and solutions for small character inkjet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-07-29
1. Press the power switch, the machine has no response 1. Check whether the power plug is properly inserted and whether the output of the AC stabilized power supply is normal. If there is a problem, replace the power cord or AC power supply. 2. Check whether the fuse in the power switch is damaged (poke it out of the round hole as shown in the figure, observe whether the middle fuse is intact, and use a multimeter to measure its on-off). If damaged, replace the fuse tube. 3. Check whether the power input wiring is loose. If it is loose, replace the power cable. 2. After booting, the LCD does not display. But other components work 1. Check whether the 12V power supply provided by the low-voltage power supply is working properly, and whether the other plugs of the circuit board are loose. If there is no 12V power supply, you need to change to a low-voltage power supply: if the plug is loose, reinstall it and fix it. 2. Check if the connecting wire between the LCD circuit board and the inverter is off or damaged. Re-insert or replace the connection. 3. Whether the LCD screen cable is installed firmly. Re-install the flat cable, if there is still a problem, please replace the flat cable. The cable connector is easy to fold, so be careful when plugging and unplugging. 3. After power on, the LCD displays but touch operation cannot be performed 1. Open the front compartment and check whether the touch panel connection is disconnected. 2. Check whether the touchpad is crushed. 4. A 'recycling error' appears after turning on the ink supply, as shown in the figure. Click the 'recycling error' prompt icon. After the prompt icon is cleared, perform the following checks. Check whether the plugs of the motherboard are inserted tightly. Click 'OK' to confirm, open the front cover of the print head, press the cleaning button to clean it, and see if there is ink line ejected. 1. If there is no ink line, please clean the nozzle. 2. If there is an ink line, open the 'Print Setting' after the side washing is stopped and enter the manual test to check whether the ink supply valve and the recovery valve are working properly. If they are working properly, a 'pop' sound can be heard at the moment of opening. If the solenoid valve is working properly, it depends on whether there is an ink line in the spray chamber and whether the ink is recovered by the recycler. If it is not recovered, the recovery valve needs to be cleaned. In the test, if the recovery is still not possible, you need to check whether the recovery device is perspective. The method is to inject solvent into the recovery device hole with a cleaning bottle under the premise of opening the recovery valve in the manual test to observe whether it is recovered. 3. If the above problems are all normal, the ink supply is turned on, and a recycling error occurs when the ink supply ends, then open the back cover of the print head and look at a brown high temperature line and a thick ink tube for recycling (a total of 3 ink tubes are thicker) Is the connection secure? 5. The ink line is skewed and cannot enter the small hole of the collector 1. The nozzle is clogged. After turning on the machine, press the cleaning button to clean and automatically open the nozzle. In the process of driving, inject cleaning agent into the nozzle. If it cannot be washed through, remove the nozzle, put it in the cleaning agent and vibrate until it is opened. 2. The position of the recovery device and the spray chamber have changed. Adjust the spray chamber position. 3. The pump pressure is adjusted for human reasons, the adjustment is too small, the pressure is not enough, and the pressure is increased, generally between 300 and 400. 4. The small filter of the nozzle is blocked, remove and clean. Six, the breakpoint is normal but no ink dots can be printed 1. No high pressure, reopen the high pressure. Or if the high pressure is damp, just open the back cover of the nozzle and let it dry. 2. The position of the electric eye is incorrect, and there is no signal input. Reinstall it correctly. 3. Check the printing information. 4. The trigger mode (automatic, photoelectric, encoder) should be correct. Seven, the typing effect is not good (characters are messy, shortcomings or out of shape) 1. Charging electrode, detection electrode or high-voltage board with ink, cleaning the charging electrode detection electrode, etc. 2. The breakpoint is not good, the method of adjusting the piezoelectric frequency is the same as above. Note: Do not disassemble the core board on the LCD circuit board by yourself.
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