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Common faults of inkjet printers: charging faults

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-09

As an indispensable auxiliary equipment in the production process of production enterprises, the cij printer is a kind of equipment with a high maintenance rate due to its working principle, so it is purchased and sold

Besides the importance of a guaranteed inkjet printer, it is also useful to learn some simple maintenance by yourself. Today, I will teach you the causes of printer charging failure and how to


The charging failure of the printer is mainly caused by the following two reasons:

1. Charging There is ink on the tank

2. Charging ink dot detection failure

The repair method is very simple. If there is ink on the charging tank Ink, it is necessary to turn off the printer and turn off the power, clean the charging slot. If it is not convenient to clean, you can remove the charging tank to clean it.

wash. After cleaning thoroughly, you must wait for the charging tank to dry before restarting. Otherwise, the charging slot is not completely dry or it will cause the printer to charge failure. If it is

Charging ink dot detection failure, it will be more troublesome, because this failure should cause more. First of all, start with the ink, determine the viscosity of the ink, the shelf life, and of course also look at the quality of the ink (compatible ink), then observe the split, check the ink circuit pressure, modulate the voltage, and Make appropriate adjustments to make the split well. This fault can generally be resolved.

It is also possible that the charging slot itself is damaged. Need to contact the company's professional maintenance personnel for maintenance.

Charging failure is one of the common failures of cij printers. In addition, printers also have high voltage failures, recovery pipe failures, etc. It is worth noting that although there are large Some of the

can run 24 hours a day, but also pay attention to regularly check the usage of the cij printer, do not wait until there is a failure to remember Inspection and maintenance

Repair and repair when a fault occurs is sometimes time-consuming and laborious. It has a greater impact on manufacturers with only one inkjet printer, so let the inkjet printer While working for you, please pay more attention to the parts that need to be checked or replaced. For example, to ensure the stable operation of the machine, the filter is best to be replaced every 2000 hours. I believe that after reading this article, you will know more about the inkjet printer, so check your inkjet printer right away!

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