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Common Problems of Inkjet Printer Nozzles

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-08-01

The print head is the place where the printer fails most frequently. The nozzle should also be maintained during normal use. The quality of the nozzle directly affects the efficiency and life of the nozzle. If you want the inkjet printer to be used stably, then we usually pay more attention to the maintenance of the nozzle, then what are the common problems of the nozzle and what are the solutions, and share with you the common problems of the nozzle of the daily cij printer.

1. Viscosity error

If there is a viscosity error of the inkjet printer, the first thing to look at is whether the viscosity is thick or thin.

1. Why is the viscosity thin

The viscosity of the inkjet printer is thin, which is usually caused by the cleaning agent entering when cleaning the nozzle or by frequent switching of the machine.

2. Why is the viscosity thick?

The viscosity of the cij printer is thick, which is generally caused by not adding the inkjet printer solvent in time for a long time or after the solvent is used up. When adding solvent, we generally need to check whether the V1 valve has no voltage or sound. If not, the solvent cannot be added, which will of course cause the viscosity of the printer to be too high and thick.

3. Solution

a. If the viscosity of the inkjet printer is thick, it is very simple. We can keep the machine running without shutting down. The viscosity will then recover on its own.

b. If the concentration of the inkjet printer is thin, also keep the machine running until the viscosity is normal. It is because the solvent will volatilize during the operation of the machine, so as to achieve our purpose of reducing the viscosity.

c. Of course, the easy way is to change the ink. If the viscosity of the printer is too thick or too thin, we generally recommend changing the ink.

Second, the recovery tank failure

The recovery slot failure is generally realized in the following ways:

1. The ink line is crooked and does not enter the recovery hole or the ink line does not come out.

Solution: Set the cleaning nozzle option in the execution system. Rinse the inside of the nozzle with cleaning agent and let the nozzle suck back. Repeat this for about 5 times, and the situation will improve.

If the ink line is still crooked, you need to remove the nozzle and put it in the ultrasonic cleaning.

2. The recycling tank is not recycled

Solution: First check whether the inferior canal is blocked. Then take a look at the yellow piping system, remove it carefully, and see which section is blocked. Then check to see if the V8 valve is there or not working.

3. Charging failure

1. The charging failure has the following possibilities:

①The nozzle is wet.

② There is ink or dirt on the high-pressure board.

③ The phase is unstable or the phase is missing, and there is no phase.

④ Motherboard problem.

⑤ Breakpoint

The above are the common problems and solutions of the inkjet printer nozzles summarized by the inkjet printer manufacturers. Another point is that the high pressure trips. At this time, we need to check whether the high pressure plate is dirty or wet, and if there is a problem, it must be replaced.

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