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Common troubleshooting of high resolution UV inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-05

The high-resolution UV inkjet printer is a piezoelectric cij printer, which uses the vibration of a piezoelectric crystal to generate ink droplets. There is a piezoelectric plate on the side. When the current passes through the piezoelectric plate, the piezoelectric plate produces a small deformation. The result of this deformation is that the volume of the ink chamber is reduced, and the ink is squeezed out of the nozzle hole to form ink. drop. Because the diameter of the nozzle hole is very small, the failure of the high-resolution UV inkjet printer mainly occurs on the nozzle. The common failures and treatment methods of the high-resolution UV inkjet printer are as follows.

1. The ink cannot be printed and the printed fonts are incomplete. There are two reasons for this type of problem: the print head driver fails or the ink path is blocked.

a. Print head drive failure: check the print head drive part of the circuit, see if the print head drive board power supply is normal, whether the drive board is working, and whether the main controller sends the signal correctly to Driver board.

b. The ink path is clogged failure: check whether the pipe joints are loose and cause poor contact and ink leakage; whether the filter is clogged, clean it if clogged; squeeze the ink to see the positive pressure If it is normal, check the valve if it is abnormal; the pipe joint and ink tube have been corroded or clogged, and the ink and cleaning fluid that cannot be used may cause this problem; the nozzle is damaged, and the nozzle needs to be replaced.

2. There are scattered dots around the printed content. The reasons for such problems include: the nozzle is slightly blocked, the safety ground is not connected, the nozzle is aging or the printing distance is too long Far, the voltage is too high or the transmission belt is uneven.

a. Because some nozzle holes are blocked but not completely blocked, the ink droplets printed by the nozzle holes are not straight but sprayed crookedly, so they are spraying Scattered spots around the printed content, just clean the print head;

b. If the safety ground wire is not connected, electrostatic interference will also cause scattered spots;

c. If the nozzle is aging or the printing distance is too long, there will be scatter phenomenon, try to shorten the printing distance;

d. Overvoltage High or uneven transmission belt, because the nozzle voltage is too high, the printing force is too large, the ink will appear scattered on the hard material, it is recommended to lower the voltage, if the product is not conveyed on the conveyor belt smoothly, then the printing Prone to scatter, you can replace the conveyor belt.

3. The printing fonts are fuzzy and unclear. The reasons for such problems are: the nozzle is blocked, the printing distance is too far, the safety ground wire is not connected or the main board is faulty.

If the nozzle is clogged, the printing distance is too far, and the safety ground wire is not connected, the factors have been eliminated. Generally, it can be concluded that the printer main board is faulty. Please contact the manufacturer directly.

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