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Common types of shenzhen spurt the code machine have? _ spurt the code machine - shenzhen

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-17
Nowadays, large character fenma technology applications are further expand, particularly in the industrial applications of more and more widely, application significantly increased complexity of making identification become an indispensable part in all kinds of industry production. Based on this, cij printer also has its place. But actually spurt the code machine is not only a type big characters, according to spurt the code machine company, quality of machine and several common types as follows: 1, point laser to spurt the code machine, printing machine company of this product can be involved in almost all of the industry, such as: for the industry, hot filling line temperature is very high, the ink printing machine doesn't fit, can only use the laser to spurt the code machine spray print. Laser printing machine is more common to them. 2, high resolution jet. the high resolution spurt the code machine also known as high-definition spurt the code machine, overflow spurt the cij printer company production of the laser marking machine is suitable for the plastic pipe manufacturing and carton industry. High resolution can spurt the code machine is mainly used to spray bar code printing, better high resolution printing machine can take database, be able to change the barcode printing. For these plastic pipe equipment manufacturing industry, high-definition spurt the cij printer is a very practical spurt the code machine. Point 3, handheld to spurt the cij printer this spurt the code machine appearance is very small, because the volume is small, so it seems to cij printer company easy to carry and very convenient to use and it is mainly suitable for plate and carton and other big-ticket items and products production lines are not fixed, the spurt the code machine is the main advantage is marked by hand spray print is more convenient, on the other hand, the position of the spray printing is not fixed. The above is the word of mouth to spurt the code machine company you bring about the classification of the spurt the code machine, and its applicable scope in all fields. In brief spurt the code machine is finding wider and wider application fields, which has spawned a lot of different types of spurt the code machine, in order to optimize its application in various fields, so the spurt the code machine company recommended in choose to spurt the code machine at the same time, also should according to own need to choose carefully.
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