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Company gifts not vulgar, customized gifts - chosen

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-21
You have today's year after year, year by today. Gift giving is unchangeable in a traditional custom in China. Corporate gift giving, in particular, is a compulsory subject. At the feast to give customers a gift not only, still need to prepare the feast of gift box, etc. Whether to customers or employees, or enterprise propaganda distributed to consumers when small gifts, custom classes of products is can be printed on different items about enterprise LOGO, tagline, design, etc. Both meaning and can do propaganda for enterprise, and the price is not too expensive. It was a good choice! Companies choose gifts? 1. Custom t-shirts first, custom gift choice is the T-shirt. Because t-shirts practicality is very strong, not only the joker, is also very good. 2. Custom canvas bag now many cities are garbage classification, low carbon life. The canvas bag of environmental protection have to say it's a good helper for travel. Not only beautiful beautiful, still can be repeated use, practicality is very strong. In order to get a better print effect, faster printing speed and higher efficiency of print, please select the double location T-shirt laser printing machine! This T-shirt machine for double location on the laser printing machine configuration XP2000 nozzle and independent research and development boards, rely on professional technical support, and more than ten years of experience in manufacturing printers of bumper and gravity to create customized artifact! The printing speed and high precision, it is necessary to obtain the print this summer artifact!
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