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Compared to spurt the code machine why ultraviolet laser marking machine marking effect is better?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-05
UV laser marking machine, on the market have called ultraviolet laser carving machine or also known as UV laser engraving machine, UV ultraviolet laser marking machine, name is different, it is the same type of marking machine. In today's increasingly pay attention to the product identification, ultraviolet laser marking machines and printing machines are popular with many customers friend, application is very extensive. As compared to spurt the code machine widely used for why ultraviolet laser marking machine marking effect is better? Mainly because of the use and principle is different, spurt the code machine mainly by the ink to implement commodity marking effect, and uv laser marking machine mainly formed by high energy laser beam on surface of burn mark effect. Said is ultraviolet laser marking machine marking effect is better, mainly because of the ultraviolet laser marking effect is permanent, its minimal heat affected zone, won't produce heat effect, it is not easy to produce the material burnt problem, marking speed, high efficiency, stable performance, low power consumption advantages. Ultraviolet laser focused spot very small, and the processing and heat affected zone is small, thus it can be for ultra fine marking, special material marking, meet the kumite effect with higher requirements of customers. Uv laser beam quality not only is good, smaller, focal sp can realize hyperfine tags, wider range of application, at the same time also can solve the spurt the code machine could not solve the problem. Uv laser marking machine advantages: 1, don't need supplies, not easy to be erased ultraviolet laser marking machine in marking the tag does not need consumables, physical or chemical reaction with the product form design, it is difficult to be erased. 2, micron tags, fine speed of ultraviolet laser marking machine, deviation rate can reach micron grade, marking materials and hardware configuration, the minimum can do 12 microns. 3, cold laser marking, small heat affected uv wavelength of 355 nm laser marking machine, laser technology belongs to cold, to cold working processing products, particularly in tag polymer materials has great superiority, under the condition of small heat effect, also about the quality of the processing have greatly improve and enhance. 4, long service life, stable performance, maintenance free uv laser marking machine can achieve 2 - life Reservation for 40000 hours, more than life, the light will become weak, remind the laser needs to be replaced. Life does not need consumables, you just need to put through power supply, reduce the maintenance cost. Unit power aspects according to the ultraviolet laser marking machine power to decide, is in commonly 500 w - working condition Between 1500 w, stable working performance and for, there will not be shot wide after adjust well, mark is not clear, and so on and so forth. 5, powerful functions can be customized according to customer demand marking, rotating assembly line marking and marking, etc. , can realize automation work. Marking software compatibility good, support the mainstream image format, at the same time can be used directly the vera. ttf font. Uv laser marking machine application range of cosmetics, mobile phone, IPhone) , medicine, food packaging, metal, glass, plastic, polymer materials, building materials, special material ABS, flexible PCB, plastic buttons, porous silicon wafers, electronics, communications equipment, LCD liquid crystal glass. Use case diagram of ultraviolet laser marking technology relative to ink printing technology is a kind of more advanced technology, on the need to fine a target products have unique advantages, ink printing machine will be gradually replaced by laser marking machine.
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