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Compared with the traditional inkjet printer, what are the advantages of the two-dimensional code inkjet printer for bottle caps?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-05-30

In recent years, laser inkjet marking on the bottle body and cap of beverages or vinegar and other condiments has been widely promoted, and the widespread use of two-dimensional code cij printers has gradually appeared in beverages or Bottles and caps of condiments such as vinegar. Now let's start from several aspects to analyze the advantages of QR code cij printers in printing bottle caps compared to traditional inkjet printers.

The following code marking will analyze the application and traceability principle of the two-dimensional code laser inkjet printer for bottle caps.

First, the choice of QR code type

There are two general choices. One is the DATA MATRIX code in the figure below, and the other is the common QR code. The two codes have their own characteristics. The DATA CODE code is characterized by a smaller size, and the size of the QR code will not change with the increase of the content. big. The characteristic of QR code is that it can contain Chinese characters, and the content that can be stored is also very rich. At the same time, according to its code system characteristics, the scanning speed is faster. Many domestic food and beverages, bottle bodies, bottle caps, and bottle bottoms have more use.

Second, the content of the two-dimensional code

We scan the two-dimensional code content of the bottle cap, generally there are two forms, the first is to generate a serial number internally, including The manufacturer, site, specification, batch, production date, time, shift and other information. At the same time, through specific Leadtech Coding rules, it can play the role of anti-counterfeiting. The second is the website information. Consumers can jump to the corresponding website by scanning the code, check the authenticity or conduct lottery and other activities. Manufacturers can conduct certain targeted data analysis through the customer's scanning code.

Third, the function of QR code

It is convenient for enterprises to carry out circulation management and control. ”, can realize the process of product circulation, in supermarkets, in the hands of customers, in roadside shops, can be easily scanned with mobile phones, and the information contained inside can be inquired, which is beneficial to manufacturers’ requirements for product anti-smuggling It is better to cooperate with the supporting product traceability management system.

What are the advantages of the QR code cij printer in printing bottle caps?

First, clear marking effect

Compared with traditional inkjet printers, the inkjet marking two-dimensional code cij printer has more advantages. The printing effect is more beautiful and neat, which makes people feel good at first sight. The effective two-dimensional code recognition rate of its printing can reach more than 90%. It can be easily identified by a scan of a mobile phone.

Second, have better adhesion

Compared with traditional cij printers, the functions of traditional inkjet printers often have defects in adhesion, which cannot be used on the product surface. Forms strong adhesion and is easy to wipe off. In this regard, it is also a problem that many beverage and food manufacturers are worried about. But after having a QR code cij printer, it can perfectly solve the problem of adhesion for you. The two-dimensional code inkjet printer has high adhesion UV ink, coupled with a curing effect of the UV curing lamp, it can achieve the effect of not being easily wiped, and its scratch resistance is strong.

Three, lower cost

Whenever printing date or two-dimensional code, the printer needs to use ink and solvent, and it also needs to be adjusted during use. maintenance requires regular cleaning. On the one hand, because of the influence of the environment, the ink solvent is flammable, explosive, and has a pungent liquid smell, which is harmful to the human body. On the other hand is the cost of use. The high-speed and fully automated operation mode of the two-dimensional code inkjet printer reduces labor costs and time costs for the company.

Fourth, lower failure rate

The printer not only needs maintenance and maintenance, but also faces the risk of downtime or failure during use. Common situations include: ink line Misalignment, nozzle blockage, ink leakage, etc. Unlike the laser machine, the structure is relatively simple, and the two-dimensional code inkjet printer uses imported UV piezoelectric nozzles. After years of time testing, the printing speed is more stable and reliable.

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