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Comparison of laser inkjet printer and ink inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-06

Flying laser marking machine, also known as online laser marking machine and laser cij printer, is a high-tech product developed and designed by our company for online marking of product packaging, pipes and wires in various industries. It is required to select fiber laser, semiconductor laser, CO2 laser, and ultraviolet laser and other models to be combined with an automatic assembly line workbench to meet customer requirements for a flying marking system, realize assembly operations, and improve production efficiency.

Industry application: widely used in tobacco, food, medicine, dairy products, drinking water, alcohol, daily chemical products, cables, pipes, wood floors, electronics, home appliances and other industries.

Applicable materials: applicable to most packaging materials and all metal, most non-metallic products.

Product advantages: automatic feeding equipment and laser marking Machine combination, good equipment stability; can cooperate with PLC equipment to complete higher automation action requirements; rich network port and serial communication mode, easy to integrate a more intelligent control system; adapt to customers' large-scale, continuous production, high production efficiency; software It can automatically generate serial numbers (barcodes, two-dimensional codes and other common code systems), which can be used to achieve unique identification, mass production, and easy traceability of product marking, with better anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling effects; Compared with the code, it has a large printing range, high efficiency, portability, and no consumables. The advantages of non-toxic, non-polluting, maintenance-free, permanent marking, and not easy to erase; it can directly cooperate with the customer's production line operation, and if required, the assembly line or workbench and other intelligent human-computer interface can also be customized to make marking easier and easier .

Comparison of Laser Marking and Traditional Ink



Initial Cost

The purchase cost is higher than the ink jet Leadtech Coding

Low purchase cost

Energy saving and environmental protection

Clean, sanitation, environmental protection and pollution-free, in line with the national production and environmental protection requirements, it belongs to Green manufacturing category

Ink consumables are highly volatile chemical preparations, some of which are harmful to human body. Its composition is ketone group, which has certain corrosiveness.

Europe and the United States have clearly prohibited the food, pharmaceutical industry

and related industries from using ink jetting

marking clarity

fine laser lines , the marking is clear, and the marking effect is not affected by the external environment

The ink lines are thick, the resolution and marking accuracy are limited, and high-precision marking cannot be carried out

Marking uniqueness

After laser marking, it can not be scrubbed to ensure that one item is one code, preventing secondary changes

When the ink is not dry or wet, it will produce stains, the marking is blurred, and it is easy to tamper with information

Easy to maintain

Simple operation and maintenance-free

The filter of the print head is easy to block and needs to be cleaned frequently. If the cleaning is not good, the printing effect will be poor, and it needs to be replaced, and even the equipment hardware will be damaged, which cannot be repaired


Working consumables

Electricity (0.5Kw)

(laser equipment, less electricity consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, no consumables, maintenance-free, low cost)


(The ink is volatile and the amount is large, especially in summer, about 20,000-60,000 consumables are needed every year, and most of the inks have their own encryption, so the original ink must be used. Factory consumables, the price is easy to be controlled, the quality of ink consumables is uneven, the market is chaotic, and consumers cannot distinguish the quality of consumables)

Current cost

Purchase cost + electricity cost< /p>

Purchase + Electricity + Ink + Maintenance

Future Expenses


(The laser machine has a long life, stable operation, suitable for Perennial online work)

Electricity + ink + cleaning + maintenance + equipment replacement

(The failure rate of cij printers is higher than that of laser printers, and the nozzles are easy to block, which affects The enterprise is in normal production, and it is easy to be damaged after long-term use)

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