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Comparison of small character inkjet printers-domestic VS imported

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-19
The four words 'Made in China' have traveled to all corners of the world in recent years, and Chinese products have also been welcomed by friends from all over the world. Chinese products are as popular in foreign countries as foreign products are in China. So, the competition of small-character inkjet printers-domestic VS imported, which one is more advantageous?    At present, among the small-character inkjet printers that are widely used in China, some products under the banner of import are not necessarily purely foreign Many of the imported products are manufactured in China. From this point, we can fully rehabilitate China. We are not without the strength to produce good products. Therefore, when you are purchasing small-character inkjet printers, you must learn more about the comparison. After comparing the cost performance of imported products and domestic inkjet printers, make the final decision.   At the same time, even if it is a purely imported small character inkjet printer, there will be many common failures and problems. For example: the inkjet characters are not clear, half of the inkjet characters or no characters are printed; the ink recovery is not smooth, and the ink is not recovered at all; the pressure is unstable, and the pressure pump of the inkjet equipment has problems; there is static electricity, and the static electricity is too large to affect Coding effect; nozzle clogging, unusable problems, etc., also often occur.   We say that there are problems with imported products. We are not trying to belittle the imported products. We also admit that domestic small-character cij printers cannot eliminate the possibility of missing the above or other problems. However, domestic cij printers are more cost-effective in terms of purchase cost and after-sales service time. Although, many people in the industry or related people believe that China's current small-character inkjet printer production technology needs to be strengthened and improved, resulting in a situation where imported small-character inkjet printers take the lead.   However, this situation is being changed. Many domestic companies with 'high, precise, and cutting-edge' Ru0026D and production technologies are changing everyone's views on domestic small-character inkjet printers. Among them, the Yuchang B3020 small character inkjet printer developed by Yuchang Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of the typical masterpieces. Yuchang Industry is a high-tech enterprise specializing in inkjet printers, portable inkjet printers, handheld cij printers, equipment production, sales, program design, maintenance and after-sales service, with strong technical strength. Yuchang B3020 small-character inkjet printer, all-Chinese operation interface, custom font function, automatic nozzle cleaning function and other new upgrade designs, make the inkjet printer achieve higher stability and reach the leading domestic technology level.   Small character cij printer competition-domestic VS imported, no one will have a complete advantage, we have reason to believe that Chinese products can be trusted as well.
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