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Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of traditional printers and inkjet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-06-11

First of all, the operation process of the inkjet printer is much simpler than that of the standard printer. What is a Leadtech Coding machine? To put it simply, the Leadtech Coding machine is a machine used by food and drug companies to print the consumption date, shift, and anti-counterfeiting marks on the outer packaging of products. It is usually used in conjunction with a packaging machine or a paging machine. The cij printer is a non-contact inkjet dot matrix small character automatic inkjet marking equipment. The usual cij printers are highly recognized by customers, and sales are also increasing from time to time from the perspective of big data.

The Leadtech Coding machine is also called a laser marking machine. Its price ranges from a few hundred yuan to two or three thousand yuan, and it belongs to a semi-automatic machine. It is basically divided into two categories, one is suitable for plastic bags, cartons, stickers, and the other is suitable for special-shaped objects such as bottles and cans. Both can only be used to identify simple consumption dates, expiration dates, expiration dates, or batch numbers.

The advantages are: low price, cheap consumables and no maintenance. The defect is: it can't change the code, can't make a few points, is selective about the printed packaging, and can only be suitable for places with small output (the daily consumption is about ten or twenty thousand). Its advantage is that it is cumbersome to use, It can be used after the power is turned on and warmed up. The consumables required include ink ribbon writing wheel, low cost, simple operation, small footprint, and common small enterprises and medium-sized enterprises to use. The defect is: if the date or batch number is typed, the adhesion is usually easy to show the phenomenon of color fading and ink dripping. The requirements for the printed items are high, and there are requirements for the degree of smoothness. It can only be printed on the film, and it cannot be adjusted, nor can the font size be adjusted. .

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