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Comparison of UV laser marking machine and traditional marking methods

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-02

The marking of commodity codes, characters and barcodes, before UV laser marking machines are widely used, usually adopts traditional processing methods such as manual processing, mechanical sawing and inkjet, among which inkjet marking is the most widely used. . These methods of processing have a common disadvantage, that is, the processing marks will fade due to time and environmental factors. This situation brings a lot of inconvenience to the production and processing. The processing of the UV laser marking machine is permanent and not easy to wear, and the processing effect will not be deteriorated due to the environment and the length of time.

Compare UV laser marking with traditional inkjet marking in the following aspects:

1. Anti-counterfeiting effect

The UV laser marking machine can make the mark directly engraved on the surface of the product, which can be either scribing or dot matrix. Erasing and changing, the anti-counterfeiting effect is obvious. Ink cij printers are generally realized by the ink attached to the surface. Although the marking effect is clear, it is easy to erase and change, so the general cij printers have poor anti-counterfeiting effect.

2. Production efficiency

The UV laser marking machine adopts laser marking and has high production efficiency. The ink jet printer adopts online production without pause, and the production efficiency is high. However, some ink jet printers occasionally have ink blocking the nozzles, which affects the production process.

3. Flexibility

The printed content of the UV laser marking machine can include serial code, batch number, English, Chinese, numbers, LOGO, barcodes, numbers generated by the system, etc. The ink jet printer can only print English, Chinese, numbers, some simple patterns of LOGO, etc., but the number of printed lines and the size of the font are limited.

4. Reliability

The UV laser marking machine can work continuously throughout the day with stable performance and low failure rate. However, due to the change of ambient temperature, humidity and dust, the ink jet printer will block the nozzle, so the failure rate is relatively high, the performance is not stable, and the maintenance workload is large.

5. Initial investment and operating cost

The price of UV laser marking machine is higher than that of ink jet printer at the time of purchase, but the operating cost of UV laser marking machine is extremely low, and the equipment Long-term maintenance-free operation without consumables. The cij printer consumes a lot of consumables, and the replacement of nozzles and other accessories is expensive. Special maintenance personnel are required to delay the production process at the same time, causing heavier losses to the company. The ink nozzles are easily blocked, and the cost of replacing nozzles and other accessories is more expensive. high, and the indirect losses from recurring unplanned shutdowns are even greater. Compared with inkjet processing, the cost of laser marking machine is lower.

6. Data processing capability

The control host of the UV laser marking machine directly adopts the industrial computer, which has powerful data processing capability and powerful communication interface to obtain a variety of large amounts of information. . The ink jet printer is only controlled by a single-chip microcomputer, and the data processing capacity is limited.

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