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Components and parameter adjustment of fiber laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-03

Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine uses a fiber laser to strike a laser beam on the surface of a variety of Marking equipment where the surface material undergoes physical or chemical changes to engrave permanent marks such as patterns, trademarks, and words.

The components of fiber laser marking machine include: fiber laser, laser galvanometer, field lens, industrial computer, display, cabinet, control switch, power supply, ruler and lifting shaft Wait.

1. Fiber laser: It is a laser that uses rare-earth-doped glass fiber as the gain medium. The principle is that the pumped light enters the gain fiber and is absorbed, thereby making The number of energy level particles in the gain medium is reversed. When the gain in the resonant cavity is higher than the loss, a laser oscillation will be formed between the two mirrors, resulting in a laser signal output.

2. Laser galvanometer: It is composed of X-Y optical scanning head, electronic drive amplifier and optical reflection lens. The signal provided by the computer controller drives the optical scanning head through the drive amplifier circuit, thereby controlling the deflection of the laser beam in the X-Y plane.

3. Field lens: A lens that works near the focal plane of the objective lens and can effectively reduce the size of the detector is called a field lens; it can increase the incidence of the edge beam to the detection The capacity of the device.

4. Industrial computer: used to monitor and control the equipment, production process, data parameters, etc. used in the production process.

5. Ruler and lifting axis: control the distance between the marking machine and the processed part.

The parameters of the fiber laser marking machine need to be adjusted according to the actual situation of the marking of the workpiece, and the parameters are adjusted The skills are as follows:

1. Generally speaking, if the marking depth is not enough, you can adjust the three types of parameters such as the field lens, power and marking speed. If there is a color depth problem , Need to adjust the frequency and its speed.

2. In the process of not confirming the parameters, first adjust a parameter based on experience, and then determine whether to increase the power or reduce the power, increase or Less parameters such as marking speed.

3. Marking power. In the parameter setting, the power is adjusted by percentage, and the output power from 0 to 100% can be adjusted. Generally, the default parameter is 50% of the output power. The greater the output power is adjusted, the greater the laser output energy and the easier it is to hit the depth. However, the output power should be adjusted according to your actual needs, because the output energy is too large, the greater the impact on the material, you can achieve your desired effect, you don’t need to turn on more power, otherwise the load will be high for a long time. If it works, it will affect the service life of the laser.

4. Marking speed refers to the moving speed of the laser. The speed can be adjusted in the parameters. The marking speed of the workpiece is not only adjusted by the speed parameter, but also by the marking Depth, marking area and other factors. The function of the parameter of marking speed is that under the condition of constant other conditions, the faster the speed, the faster the marking speed.

5. Filling is mainly used in unrelated closed graphics. Filling types are: one-way filling, two-way filling, ring filling and optimized two-way filling, the filling angle, line spacing, and line margin can be adjusted.

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