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Contributions of laser printers in various industries

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-07-29
Although the brand or trademark can be identified from the appearance of the product, consumers can quickly identify genuine products by printing clear and stable product specifications and factory names. In addition, the logo is not easy to wear and can also ensure the transportation and storage during transportation and storage. Identify with the naked eye.   Product information (barcode, production date, expiration date) and shipping information (to place) can be printed on cartons, plastic containers, woven bags and other packaging, effectively reducing the pre-printing cost and stacking costs of packaging cartons when warehousing and shipping. Anti-counterfeiting and cross-regional sales use the permanent laser marking and print special marks (graphics, fonts, codes) on products or outer packaging to increase the cost of counterfeiters and prevent the circulation of counterfeit products. Therefore, in pharmaceutical companies, laser Inkjet printer technology has increasingly become one of the most effective anti-counterfeiting methods. In addition, customer management can be carried out by printing different numbers and graphics to prevent cross-regional sales and channeling of goods. Logistics requirements Printing barcodes on product packaging can speed up the classification and circulation of products, make the management between production lines and warehouses more reasonable and scientific, and strengthen the monitoring of raw material consumption and effective inventory management. Brand added value For users, a clear and accurate logo is a standard way to recognize the brand, and it is also a confidence sign for long-term safe use. For manufacturers, the use of laser coding technology can improve the brand’s market image and unified logo management , Establish a good recognition image and beautify the product appearance.
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