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Correct operation tutorial of fiber laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-24

Fiber laser marking machine is a widely used product in the marking market at present. This product uses fiber laser, which has the advantages of good beam quality, low material consumption, small heat affected zone and high processing efficiency, especially suitable for various metals. , non-metallic, high hardness and high melting point brittle materials marking work.

Correct operation tutorial of fiber laser marking machine

Before operation, check whether the power socket of the equipment is loose or not , whether the buttons and switches are normal. ?Fix the workpiece to be marked or the empty sign on the worktable, so that the part to be marked is placed under the laser lens, adjust the distance between the two, and start the machine in strict accordance with the equipment instructions. And the surrounding area should be clean and tidy, the processing parts should be placed neatly and orderly, and it should be kept clean and tidy to ensure the smooth progress of the production process.

Operation safety precautions for fiber laser marking machine

1. When the host is turned on, due to the high Piezoelectric, no one may open the main box cover.

2. When the laser is outputting, the operator should wear goggles, keep a certain distance from the laser lens, and do not touch the laser lens or put his hand into the marking area.

3. Note that the laser main box fan should always be kept in normal operation, and should be stopped for inspection if any abnormality is found.

4. When the equipment is turned on, the operator is strictly prohibited from leaving without authorization, and all power must be cut off when necessary.

5. When loading and unloading workpieces and signs on the workbench, pay attention to protect the laser lens from collision.

Shutdown operation

Follow the correct procedure to turn off the main power of the fiber laser marking machine, and close the laser lens cover , Turn off the computer, classify and store the completed and to-be-marked workpieces, and do a good job of sanitation of the countertops and the site.

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