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Corrosive chemicals coding applications and cases

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-19
For industrial sodium nitrate, in the B/T 4553-2016 industry standard that was implemented in July 2017, there are clear regulations on the signs and labels of the outer packaging: there must be a strong and clear sign, including: the name of the manufacturer, the site, and the product Name, type, grade, net content, batch number or production date, etc. Then, the above information can be completed by pre-printing on the outer packaging, and the batch number or production date is real-time, and can only be marked after bagging or sealing. In the past, manufacturers usually used labeling or manual stamping. However, with the increase in labor costs and problems such as falling and corrosion of labels, cij printers have gradually become a new choice for such manufacturers. However, in the face of hundreds of brands and thousands of models of cij printers on the market, at the beginning of the purchase, they became confused and at a loss. We suggest that you consider three questions first: Make the key points! 1 Is the printer corrosion resistant? Sodium nitrate is a strong oxidant and corrosive. When printing the production date on its outer packaging, the distance between the print head and the object is usually 1 cm, so the print head must have high corrosion resistance. 2 Is the font on each package consistent? The outer packaging materials of chemical raw materials such as sodium nitrate are mostly flexible packaging such as films and plastic woven bags. Therefore, after the bagging is completed, the shape will have some curvature, and the curvature of each bag is random and inconsistent, which leads to The distance between the printer head and the printer's print head is suddenly far and near, and the printed fonts are inconsistent in size. Therefore, you should consider a printer with automatic font adjustment. 3 Is the printer easy to use? In fact, no matter what kind of equipment, users want to use as simple as possible. As an operator, you certainly don’t want your subordinates to train over and over again, and tell you back, 'Sorry, it's too difficult, I won't!' 'Based on the above three questions and answers, a sodium nitrate chemical plant finally found a printer, Leadtech. This factory previously marked the production date on the outer packaging by manual stamping, and the batch number could not be marked, and the stamp was easily blurred and did not meet the standards, resulting in low production efficiency. With the installation of Leadtech cij printers in place, these problems have been solved. Actual application renderings Application industry: Chemicals, chemicals Packaging material: Snakeskin bag Printing information: Batch number, production date Production line speed: 10m/min About Leadtech cij printer 01 Fully sealed print head The print head adopts a fully sealed design, stainless steel structure Rugged and durable, it runs reliably in harsh production environments and optimizes the efficiency of the production line. 02 Built-in long raster with long raster function, the technical print head and the object may be too far and near, and it can also print a consistent code. 03 Simple operation Simple operation, one-click real-time ink addition, no stains, no tools, no mistakes. 04 The carton function has the carton printing function, the maximum printing character height can reach 2cm, without the need to purchase additional coding equipment. For more information, please visit Leadtech's official website: or call:
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