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Criteria for purchasing inkjet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-13
The selection of inkjet printer is mainly based on the following criteria:    1. Printing effect: The printing font is required to be clear and beautiful, and it can meet the needs of the number of printing lines. The clarity and beauty of the printed fonts is mainly to shop around before making a decision. If you only need to spray one line, then buy one line. If you want to spray two or three lines, then buy three lines, which can be printed. The more rows, the more expensive. 2. Speed: The cij printer must be able to meet the production speed of the production line, especially in the high-speed production of beverages, alcohol and other industries, wire and cable industries. If the speed of the inkjet printer cannot match it, the aesthetics of the inkjet printing will not be achieved. If the expected effect is reached, it will bring trouble to the production. If the manufacturer says that the speed of the promotion in the product brochure is very high, then ask him to come to the production line and test the machine directly. The manufacturer that our company wants to install this week is because they tried an imported cij printer, but the speed did not meet their requirements. The seller saw our high-speed cij printer on the official website and said that they would let us go. Test machine, our boss didn't say anything, he went to test machine while pulling the machine, and the test machine was successful.   3. Stability: The machine should be stable and have a low failure rate. Without cij printers, general manufacturers can’t deliver goods. Therefore, it should be the goal of all manufacturers to keep the performance of the machine as stable as possible. Of course, inkjet printers are not like other machines. They need regular maintenance. It is best. Use the original consumables provided by the manufacturer, otherwise the manufacturer will not be able to guarantee the stability of the equipment and the printing effect.   4. Simple and convenient operation and maintenance: that is, the operation interface is easy to master, and the daily maintenance such as replacing ink solvents is simple and quick. 5. After-sales service must be in place, just like when we buy automobile Ru0026D software, buying genuine software means buying service. After-sales service must be available 24 hours a day. This will not affect the manufacturer's shipments. Nowadays, some manufacturers require after-sales service to be booked many days in advance, and our company's after-sales service phone can be called at any time, and the after-sales service engineer can also travel for you at any time, and it is transferred with your production line, not the production line with us. Service engineer transferred. 6. The manufacturer's consumables should also be considered. If the consumables are too expensive, a professional personnel summarized a certain brand of cij printers. The first day I bought a certain brand of cij printers, I was shivering the next day. Consumables cannot be used.   7. Environmental adaptability: Fully sealed shell, high protection level can adapt to harsh production environment. Therefore, the above criteria must be integrated when purchasing inkjet printers.
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