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Custom creative Spring Festival reunion clothes, the youth is not over -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-17
The Spring Festival is a good time to gather many of our classmates, a carefully planned reunion is not just to eat a meal that simple, meet our Alma mater, memories together dribs and drabs of this school. Is also proved that time do not chase, remember you forever. Fleece is people in winter to keep warm artifact, the simple sense of the fleece and design will become the object of attention. So in qiu dong season as reunion shirt is also very good a choice? Before the party, we will be printed our exclusive memory on the fleece, isn't it a very meaningful choice? And the price of these things are often not very expensive, but for my classmates would be a wonderful memory. Not only comfortable to wear, and, more importantly, it can also make us think of the part of the party, the trace of youth forever engraved on our memory of the top, moment remembered by us, that is what a beautiful thing. Let everyone wears the same clothes to attend the party. Can not only increase the memories of the reunion, also added a clothes, so why not? So how to custom clothing? 1. Choose to print the image, and then use Photoshop or PS, and other graphics software set the size of the printed image, etc. 2. Pretreatment need to print dress, evenly spraying pretreatment solution, and then use the press for 30 seconds. 3. Put clothes in the digital jet printing T-shirt laser printing machine, and then start the laser printing machine for printing. 4. After printing, use ironing clothing ironing machine, rapid evaporation ink excess water.
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