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Custom fashion T-shirt, choose the digital printing textile printer -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-17
Fashion T-shirt was welcomed by the masses of people in the summer, not only in other season T-shirt as a king of is also sought after by many people. So how to customize fashion T-shirt? As the mainstay of fashion t-shirts, printed t-shirts biggest creates the space for you. You can print on T-shirt cartoon, animal, etc. Printing process: 1. Select need to print pictures, use the drawing software such as photoshop set the size of the print image. 2. To need to print the cuttings clothes or fabric pretreatment, spray evenly on the pretreatment of liquid, and then use the press 30 s. 3. Put clothes or fabric cutting piece of textile digital printing printer, start the printer to print. 4. Print out clothes or fabric use press press, excess water from the rapid evaporation of digital direct injection T-shirt laser printing machine does not need plate making, ready to print images, can be directly printed directly on t-shirts. The operation is simple, completely broke through the traditional limit colour in the silk screen printing. Digital printing printer adopts imported white textile ink and color ink environmental protection, better printing effect, better colour fastness to reflect. Choice, you're worth it. Fast to get to know the T-shirt printer, different size of the machine, there is always a meet your requirements.
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