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Custom - summer uniform

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-19
When the custom was selected as the summer uniform t-shirts custom or custom Polo unlined upper garment, selecting a good T-shirt custom laser printing machine is very important. Small make up is recommended for everybody today a strong companies to build new model & ndash; — 6 g loom double location! Make enterprise good fusion in work clothes, do the following three points are very important. 1. Custom must be a sign of enterprise, that is, on the clothing must describe the image of the enterprise. For example, in the clothing, can write down the title of the company, or a slogan. It's not as long as creative, more can do propaganda for the company, mobile billboards. 2. Custom color should match the uniform, that is, the color of the coat and garment must be under the unified. 3. To negotiate with custom manufacturer good use cloth, not to reduce capital, on the fabric. A good shirt, fabric must be good. In order to get a better print effect, faster printing speed and higher efficiency of print, please select the double location T-shirt printer! This T-shirt machine for double location on the printer configuration XP2000 nozzle and independent research and development boards, rely on professional technical support, and more than ten years of experience in manufacturing printers of bumper and gravity to create customized artifact! The printing speed and high precision, it is necessary to obtain the print this summer artifact!
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