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Custom T-shirt printer: outbreak will lead, customization is meaningful for the employees work clothes should be on the agenda

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-02
In 2020, destined to extraordinary one year. We experience too many kinds of joys and sorrows. there parting and witness much NiXingZhe beauty. Now, the new coronary pneumonia outbreak overall positive development, is a safe and orderly everywhere to promote enterprise to return to work. A long holiday, the employee's work is not in the state? At this time, the meaning of custom suits for employees is especially important. A few months of economic lockout, are in urgent need to improve the efficiency of the enterprise, priority to improve staff cohesion. Good work clothes can be from one side to strengthen enterprises pride and show care for the interests of the employees. All wearing the same resume work overalls, fast recovery work state, drained a dysfunctional morale during the vacation. In addition, employees can also be enterprise mobile advertising carrier, make enterprise advertisement everywhere. Greatly enhance the brand image of enterprise. If you haven't made for employees work clothes, so this problem should be included in your work plan. In the case of digital jet printing machine, customization enterprises overalls is better. No color type many restrictions, no plate-making, tinted, registration. Textile is environmentally friendly water-based ink, optional print can reach grade photo printing effect, not to mention you can also print color gradients and complex design, small artifact is customized enterprise work clothes ah. Digital jet printing machine to print color is, the pattern is clear, than silk screen printing practical and environmental protection, feel is better than heat transfer custom clothing. A printed, which is play and play, can be batch customization, personalization enterprises overalls is your good choice.
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