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Custom t-shirts, which color at the bottom of the shirt is more suitable for? Textiles -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-18
Summer is a variety of styles, a variety of colors of t-shirts show time. Everyone always feel the lack of a proper dress in your closet. Choose custom t-shirts. Can not only show our personality, and even in the idea of what personality can also be customized T-shirt, also can choose unique custom t-shirts give TA a surprise! So which color at the bottom of the custom t-shirts, shirts? 1. White everyone's wardrobe, the most important thing is to have a white T-shirt. White T-shirt is the most not to be missed, joker is good-looking, and trousers, leisure trousers, jeans can create a blue model. And custom clothing is the most convenient, good-looking, choice is a white cotton T-shirt. 2. Neutral colors gray gray T-shirt, suit most people, because the gray T-shirt can produce more shadows on the vision to highlight your perfect figure curve. Custom clothing is very suitable for mixing of various kinds of styles. 3. Black black is one of the gentlemen are used to select colors, joker, both have show thin. Custom clothing choose black fabric, the print quality test of printing equipment, the whiteness of textile white ink is insufficient, or the color fastness to no, the dress is equivalent to waste. Choose the T-shirt laser printing machine, matching efficiently control the mainboard, printing efficiency up up up! ! ! And use environmental protection textile ink, print the color of the clothes without limit, what you think, give all you have to! Textile digital jet laser printing machine one-time print two clothes only need one minute 30 seconds, with a low cost of investment for big-name clothing experience, with a low investment return for higher yields, why not? Want to venture? Want to transform? May wish to know more about the digital printing T-shirt laser printing machine. Custom t-shirts can bring you a more interesting summer.
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