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Custom t-shirts, you're worth it - textile printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-18
T-shirt is everyone will have a kind of clothes. Because the T-shirt do have many advantages, in the summer is not only a joker sheet is tasted, was also the representative of the comfortable, breathable, good wear. But then a question is, since T-shirt has so many advantages, everyone has a T-shirt, how can we have a unique, and is only for your T-shirt? The answer to the question is, the use of digital printing printer custom t-shirts! How to use the T-shirt laser printing machine to custom t-shirts? 1. Custom clothing styles confirmed group design custom t-shirts and bottom shirt style, pure cotton T-shirt is one of the most popular aesthetic and in demand. 2. Sample production according to customer needs, provide samples. No need plate making, use before the printing press pretreatment clothes, and then directly use environmental protection textile ink for printing on the dress. After printing, use the press quickly evaporate water ink. 3. Confirm production sample is sent to the enterprise, can start production after confirm the effect of a large number of clothing company. In order to get a better print effect, faster printing speed and higher efficiency of print, please select the double location T-shirt printer!
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