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D2000 fiber laser machine parameters

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-03
XINGCHUANG—D2000 series laser marking machine is the latest application product of dynamic laser marking control system. The system is equipped with software and hardware functions to control the motion accuracy parameters, synchronously tracking the fast-moving workpiece and controlling the laser output, marking on the production line with rapid movement and the workpiece without stopping. Marking can be either dot matrix or line drawing. It can run on the job site continuously for 24 hours. The characteristics of the whole laser machine The life of the whole machine: 100,000 hours The whole machine material: all aluminum structure Laser: fiber laser continuous output power: ≥20W Laser wavelength: 106um Deflection galvanometer: high-precision two-dimensional scanning system Marking speed: ≤12000mm/ s Main control: highly integrated motherboard, embedded 7-inch screen Operating system: WIN CE Cooling system: air-cooled technical parameters Focus lens: focal length 150mm Marking and marking type: dot matrix, vector integrated machine (both dot matrix and can be used Marking vector) Minimum line width: 0.012mm Repeat positioning accuracy: 0.003mm Marking range: 110mm×110mm (optional), unlimited marking length Positioning method: red light positioning, red light focus Marking character line number: in printing Production line speed of any line within the standard range: 0~189m/min (depending on the material) Support type fonts: Chinese and English, numbers, traditional Chinese, etc. Standard font file format: BMP/DXF/HPGL/JPEG/PLT Barcode: CODE39, CODE128, CODE126, QR, Zhenzhi code preparation parameters Power supply: 220V power consumption: 500W machine net weight: 13kg external dimensions: 540mmX460mmX150MM environment requires external temperature 0 ℃-45 ℃; humidity ≤ 95%; non-condensing; no vibration
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