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Daily cleaning and maintenance of the printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-18
Leadtech printers are durable and reliable equipment. But by completing some routine tasks, you can help it maintain maximum productivity. This article describes how to help the printer stay in good condition. Note: Before cleaning or daily maintenance of the printer, please read the precautions here:    1. Clean the printer cover and follow the safety precautions when handling solvents. 1/ Use a clean, flexible, lint-free cloth strip and dip it in Take the same solvent used by the printer to clean the ink spills on the printer cabinet. 2 Do not use abrasive materials, which will damage the equipment. 3 Use lint-free cloth strips to prevent contamination of the print head 2. Touch screen display cleaning (touch screen cij printer)  1/ When the printer power is off, please use a clean soft lint-free cloth and cleaning solution to clean the touch screen. 2 When the printer power is on, please use the 'Clean touch screen button' option to lock Touch the screen, and then clean the touch screen 3. To clean the print head, make sure that the cleaning solvent is the same as the solvent used in the printer. 1 Make sure that the printer is in the 'idle' state, or stop the printer and turn off the printer power 2/ Release Fix the screw of the nozzle cover, and then slide the nozzle cover. 3 Hold the nozzle as shown in Figure 1, or fix the nozzle on the cleaning table (if there is a cleaning table available)    4/ Place a container under the nozzle and use The solvent only gently cleans the circled area. After each flush, make a short pause to allow the ink to dissolve. Collect the solvent in a container (Figure 1)    If you are using pigment ink on the printer, please perform this step A/ Use the special brush for the printer, and only gently remove the nozzle part circled in Figure 2 B/ Clean the deflector and nozzle carefully with a brush. Note: Do not use a brush to clean the nozzle; only use a non-abrasive, solvent-resistant brush to clean the nozzle (Picture 2) 6/ Let the spray head dry completely. Do not use a cloth strip to dry the nozzle. You must make sure that there is no solvent in the space between the nozzle and the charging electrode. 7/ Reinstall the nozzle in the nozzle cover, and then tighten the fixing screw 8/ Dispose of the solvent waste according to local regulations 4. Flushing the nozzles You can use the nozzle flushing program to remove dirt on the nozzles, which may cause deformation of the ink jet. Nozzle flushing uses pump pressure to form a stream of solvent through the nozzle. The solvent returns to the ink system through the recovery tank.  1/ Make sure the status of the printer is “idle”  2/ Place a container under the nozzle to collect the solvent   3/ Find the “Nozzle Flush” option in the menu   4/ Press the start program button. There is a progress bar on the display to show the progress of the flushing program as shown in Figure 3. The flushing program takes about 2-3 minutes. During the flushing process, the keyboard is unavailable (Picture 3)  5/ When the program stops. You can execute more flushing programs or return to the printing menu. To execute more flushing programs, please repeat step 6/ if you want Make sure the nozzle is clean, please start spraying. Make sure that the jet enters the recovery tank from the nozzle. If the jet calibration is not correct, please contact your Leadtech distributor. Note: 1/ Nozzle flushing option is only available when jetting stops 2/ Do not use nozzle flushing procedures more than three times, because the extra solvent will thin the ink and cause printer malfunction For more inquiries, please visit Leadtech's official website: or call:
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