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Daily maintenance and maintenance of fiber laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-13
Routine maintenance and maintenance treatment of fiber laser marking machine

The application of fiber laser marking machine is more and more extensive. After using the laser marking machine, users need to maintain it. Many users may If in doubt, how to maintain the fiber laser marking machine, the following will share some equipment maintenance knowledge with users to help users make better use of the laser marking machine.

1. Regularly clean the protective glass of the F-θ lens, and wipe it in one direction with a dust-free cloth dipped in a small amount of alcohol every day.

2. Regularly check the operation of the fan, and replace the abnormal fan.

3. Regularly clean the mouse and keyboard.

4. Regularly clean the laser fan and air duct dust. When the equipment is powered off, use an air gun to clean the air duct every week.

5. Before starting the machine every day, carefully check the pressure of the auxiliary gas. If the gas pressure is not enough, check whether the pipeline is leaking.

6. Check whether the buttons are damaged and whether the indicator light is normal.

7. Before processing, check that the lens of the focusing lens has no contamination by the laser marking machine.

8. Check whether the position of the lifting mechanism is offset before processing.

9. Check whether the software parameter settings have changed before processing.

10. After the daily work is completed, shut down according to the shutdown steps, and then turn off the main power.

Laser marking machines should be purchased with caution.

1. It is very important to buy products produced by regular manufacturers. At present, there are some big brands of marking machines. Although the price is more expensive, the quality is guaranteed. Yes, although the prices of the products produced by some small manufacturers are low, the quality is not guaranteed, and the lack of after-sales guarantees will cause great problems for later use.

2. Identification of quality, identification of quality is actually very important. This is the basis for customers to buy. Don’t blindly compare prices when purchasing, but comparing quality is the most important. Yes, in terms of quality identification, it is best to find a professional person to make a comparison, so as to have a good comparison effect.

3. Look at the product trademark, some products are directly sold by the manufacturer and belong to the own trademark of the UV laser marking machine's own products, so the price is more reasonable. However, some customers do not have the support of the manufacturer when they sell, but cooperate with the manufacturer to paste their own trademarks later, which is not particularly reasonable for the price, and the after-sales service is not very good.

With the development of laser technology and the price reduction of main components of laser marking machine, laser marking machine is no longer a high-level product, and is widely used in laser marking machine in various industries.

But in the process of using it, many customers have encountered such problems. Yesterday, it was used well. Why can't marking and lettering be turned on today? , Let's check the software problems of your laser marking machine from several aspects. If there is no problem with the software after the investigation, please contact the laser marking machine manufacturer to check whether the hardware is damaged.

Now most of the market are fiber laser marking machines, especially those newly bought in the past two years. Everyone knows that fiber laser marking machines are very durable and IC There is no problem with the automatic laser marking machine under normal circumstances. If your fiber laser marking machine suddenly fails to mark, please check the problem in the following order, open the marking software, and pay attention to whether there is an error when the software is opened. Prompt, if the dongle cannot be found or the LMC cannot be opened..., when these two prompts appear, please reinstall the dongle driver and the control card driver. If the problem cannot be solved, the control card may be faulty. Contact the manufacturer to replace the control card. Card.

If the software opens normally, click the parameter (shortcut key F3) after entering, find the laser control in the pop-up window - select FIBER in the laser type (note: if you The fiber end-pumped laser is used, please select CO2), YAG for semiconductor equipment, CO2 for carbon dioxide equipment, corresponding selection, click OK after completion, carry out test marking, generally speaking, the problem can be solved, if it still cannot be solved , please contact the laser marking machine manufacturer for on-site maintenance.

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