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Daily maintenance and maintenance - universal printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-24
Any machine has a temper, if you have it is not good enough, it will be petulant don't work hard, so is necessary to understand the daily maintenance and maintenance of printers, usually has the following several aspects: 1, start test: check whether the power cord plug, check again whether the equipment surface dust and impurities, spare parts for damage, and so on and so forth. After starting the first to print a test article, check the status of a nozzle, whether there is the phenomenon of disconnection, misting. Second repeat print 3 times, check whether the grating positioning is accurate; The diagonal print, check whether the Y axis motor running normally. 2, maintenance downtime, we move the nozzle to cleaning stations, accordingly moisturizing; Off the power supply equipment, water cold box power; Take a big piece of black cloth covered on the top of the head, put an end to into the sunlight, dust and other particles. 3, weekly maintenance: before the holiday on a Friday afternoon before coming off work, need to add lubricating oil to head the mobile measure gap, reduce wear and tear. Second, the article with a clean cloth gently wipe the grating and the dust on the surface of the sensor. Finally pull out the power socket, power device reset. 4, long time not in use and maintenance, such as the National Day, when the length of the Spring Festival holiday, need the printer nozzle will be removed, in a sealed box. The ink from the ink bottle with opaque cloth cover. Finally the whole equipment, when the power is with the manufacturer to provide equipment protective film, the sealing equipment. We are committed to research and development production printing equipment manufacturers, want to purchase a laser printing machine for friends, welcome your call! My sales hotline: 400 - 8316492.
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