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Daily maintenance and precautions of laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-01

With the popularization of laser technology, the application of laser marking machines has become more and more extensive. After a period of use, the functions of laser marking machines will be affected. A certain loss directly affects the marking effect, marking speed and the life of the laser equipment. Daily maintenance and maintenance of the laser marking machine will help protect its functions and extend its life.

1. Daily maintenance of the laser marking machine

1. Clean the dust, dirt, foreign matter, etc. inside the equipment, and use Vacuum cleaner, alcohol and dust-free cloth to remove dust, dirt and foreign objects;

2, check whether the focal length is within the standard focal length range, and test the laser to reach the strongest state;

3, Check whether the field lens is dirty, wipe it with lens cleaning paper;

4. Check whether the parameter setting screen on the laser is normal and the laser parameters are within the setting range;

5 , Whether the machine is turned on normally, whether the main switch of the machine, the laser control switch, and the laser marking system switch are normally turned on;

6. Confirm that the switch is normal and effective, and check whether the power is on after pressing the switch; whether the laser is working normally.

2. Weekly maintenance of laser marking machine

1. Keep the machine clean and clean the surface and inside of the machine;

2. Check whether the red light preview can be turned on normally, the laser parameters are within the setting range, and turn on the red light correction on the software to turn on the red light;

3, check the laser field lens For cleaning, first use special lens cleaning paper dipped in alcohol to wipe in one direction, and then wipe with dry lens cleaning paper;

4. Check whether the laser light is normal, open the software and start manual marking. Laser test.

3. Monthly maintenance of laser marking machine

1. Check whether the lifting rail is loose and whether there is abnormal noise , Oil seepage, clean with a dust-free cloth and add lubricating oil;

2. Clean up the dust at the air outlet of the laser to ensure normal heat dissipation. Clean the dust, waste nodes and other foreign objects inside the equipment, use a vacuum cleaner, alcohol and a dust-free cloth to remove dust, dirt and foreign objects;

3. Check whether the laser emitted by the laser is weakened, and use the power Meter test;

4. Check whether the power plug and each connecting wire connector are loose, check each joint position; whether there is a bad contact;

5, check the red light preview light path Whether to shift or not, perform red light correction.

Four. Semi-annual maintenance for laser marking machine

1. Check the laser cooling fan, whether it rotates normally, and clean the laser power supply And control board dust;

2, check whether the motion shafts are loose, abnormal noise, and running smoothly, clean with a dust-free cloth and add lubricating oil.

V. Precautions for the use of laser marking machine

1. Please wear protective glasses when you work to avoid strong light irritation and damage to the glasses;

2, pay special attention, do not place your hands within the laser scanning range during use;

3. When the machine is improperly operated, which causes an emergency, immediately press to power off;

4. To prevent electric shock, do not operate with wet hands;

5. Laser marking machine Do not put your head or hands into the machine during operation to avoid personal injury;

6. Do not change specific system parameters at will without the permission of the equipment technician;

7, non-professional Personnel are forbidden to disassemble and maintain the machine to avoid unnecessary loss or personal injury.

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