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Daily maintenance of coding equipment

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-26

What should I pay attention to in the daily maintenance of coding equipment? The editor will take you to understand briefly:

1. Production environment

Make sure that there are no mechanical equipment with high power or radiation characteristics near the coding equipment, and avoid spraying The coding equipment is interfered by the magnetic field or static electricity of other machinery and equipment to ensure the stable and normal operation of the coding equipment.

2. consumables

Use cij printer inks and thinners supplied by inkjet equipment manufacturers. The selection of consumables will directly affect the performance and printing effect of the inkjet equipment. As a veteran manufacturer of coding equipment in the coding industry, the supplied consumables have been tested by many years of practical application and technical testing, which will not cause damage to the nozzle, ink circuit and various parts of the machine, and ensure the stable operation of the equipment .

Third, the main points of nozzle maintenance

The nozzle is the core part of the coding equipment, and the nozzle needs to be kept dry and stable. Basically, most of the failures are caused by the factors of the nozzle. , So good maintenance of the nozzle can greatly reduce the probability of failure. How to maintain the nozzles daily? First, pay attention to the safety protection of the nozzles, and prevent them from being bumped or dropped; second, they cannot be disassembled or assembled privately, and can only be carried out after passing the formal training of the coding equipment manufacturer; third, pay attention The cleaning of the daily switch on and off keeps the parts of the nozzle clean and dry.

Fourth, the cleaning of the coding equipment

Follow the regular procedures to clean the nozzles of the coding equipment. After cleaning, use a blowing balloon to dry the nozzles thoroughly and cover the nozzle cover.

V. Precautions for shutdown

Generally, the nozzles of the coding equipment should be thoroughly cleaned. Although the imported cij printers will have the automatic cleaning function, if it is a long-term shutdown If the use or production is interrupted, the nozzle must be cleaned, and the nozzle should be filled with cleaning agent or solvent as much as possible to ensure a smooth start-up next time, avoid clogging the nozzle, and the ink line is not aligned.

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