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Daily maintenance operation of laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-26

Maintenance of the laser marking machine:

1. Clean the laser lens

Use lens paper and cotton fiber or lint-free cloth moistened with absolute alcohol or acetone For cleaning, do not blow the lens with your mouth, do not use towels or rough objects, do not use corrosive materials or chemicals.

2. Clean the inside of the print head

Use a clean cloth to clean the dust inside, do not blow with high pressure jet or clean with water.

3. Check the laser tube cooling fan

Ensure that the laser tube cooling fan is normal, check that the cooling channel is unobstructed, and the cooling airflow is normal.

4. Check the print head cover

Make sure the cover is normal. Check that all safety labels, markings are in the correct position and that the screws on the cover are tight.

5. Check the external connection cables

Check that all the external connection cable connectors are fastened.

Inspect the cable for damage.

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