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Daily maintenance tips for coding equipment

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-28

What should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance of the coding equipment? Let me give you a brief understanding of:

1. Production environment

Make sure that there is no mechanical equipment with high power or radioactive characteristics near the coding equipment, avoid the magnetic field or electrostatic interference of other machinery and equipment, and ensure the stable and normal operation of the Leadtech Coding equipment.

Second, inkjet printer consumables

Using cij printer inks and thinners supplied by cij printer manufacturers, the choice of consumables will directly affect the performance and printing effect of the cij printer. It has been practiced and tested by technology, and it will not cause damage to various parts of the nozzle, ink circuit and machine, and ensure the stable operation of the equipment.

Third, the maintenance points of the nozzle

The print head is the core component of the Leadtech Coding equipment. The print head needs to be kept dry and stable. Basically, most of the failures are caused by the print head. Therefore, the maintenance of the print head can greatly reduce the probability of failure. How to maintain the nozzle in daily life? One is to pay attention to the safety protection of the nozzle, and it cannot be collided or dropped; the other is not to disassemble and assemble without permission, and it can only be carried out after passing the formal training of the printing equipment manufacturer; the third is to pay attention to Daily cleaning of the switch machine to maintain the clean and dry parts of the nozzle.

Fourth, the cleaning of the coding equipment

Follow the regular procedure to clean the print head on and off the coding equipment. After cleaning, use a blower to dry the print head thoroughly and cover the print head.

5. Precautions for downtime

Usually, the nozzles of the printing equipment should be thoroughly cleaned. Although the imported cij printers will have automatic cleaning functions, if it is a long-term shutdown or production interruption, the nozzles must be cleaned and the nozzles must be filled as much as possible. The cleaning agent or solvent can ensure the smooth start-up next time, and avoid failures such as clogged nozzles and misaligned ink lines.

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