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Daily maintenance tips for inkjet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-23

In our daily life, we will inevitably encounter some printer malfunctions. As we all know, the best repair is maintenance. Zhengzhou Maikeshite summarized some daily maintenance skills of cij printers, hoping to help customers.

The ink line of the cij printer has no breakpoints

1. The ink viscosity of the cij printer is very high or very low. Replace the ink and run again;

2. The nozzle is clogged

3. For the problem of the spray cavity, contact the service engineer to solve it.

The ink pump lamp of the machine is always on

1. The pump ink filter is clogged, replace the pump ink filter;< /p>

2. The vacuum is too large, the intake pressure is low, or the ink pressure is high. Adjust the air pressure and vacuum of each part according to the user manual;

3. Check if there is ink leakage inside the machine Case.

Fuzzy printing (bad ink line breakpoint) is solved

1. The breakpoint value is adjusted improperly, adjust the breakpoint value, you can spray the word while adjusting until the appropriate value;< /p>

2. The phase light is always on or flashing;

3. The ink viscosity of the printer is incorrect, adjust the ink viscosity;

4. The nozzle is slightly clogged, Perform the nozzle opening procedure;

5. The main ink filter is clogged, clean and replace the main ink filter;

6. The ink pressure is improperly adjusted, adjust the ink pressure according to the user manual;


7. The positive pressure air of the nozzle is adjusted too large, and the positive pressure air of the nozzle is reduced.

It often shows the fault 'lack of diluent'

1. There is no diluent or very little diluent in the diluent bottle, refill diluent;

2, The proximity switch component is far away from the diluent bottle and cannot be detected. Adjust the position of the diluent bottle to make it close to the proximity switch;

3. Reduce the sensitivity of the proximity switch, adjust the potentiometer on the proximity switch to improve detection Sensitivity

The characters sprayed out are garbled or misplaced.

1) Editing error, can not use arrow keys instead of space bar;

2) MCU board is affected Interference, clear the screen and edit again, or switch the machine to try again

Solution to the ink overflow problem of the recycler

The main reason is that the vacuum is small or not.

Machines that use external air supply can clean the outlet of the vacuum generator with detergent or thinner or adjust the vacuum throttle to increase the vacuum;

Use built-in pump The machine can properly adjust the voltage of the vacuum pump or clean and replace the recovery filter.

Solution to the problem that the phase light is always on or flickering

1) The nozzle parts (charging electrode, detection electrode, high voltage plate, negative plate) are wet or dirty, clean the nozzle with detergent Each component and wait for it to dry;

2) The ink line is too far away from the detection pole, adjust the ink line position, the standard distance is within 1mm;

3) There may be strong Magnetic field interference, keep the printer away from the source of strong magnetic field.

Nozzle clogging solution

1) Perform the nozzle opening procedure, if there is no effect, you can block the reclaimer port and increase the ink pressure to execute the opening;

2 ) Use a nozzle wrench to remove the nozzle and put it in a container with thinner or cleaning agent to soak for a period of time and then try again;

3) If there is an ultrasonic cleaner, it can be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner.

The machine does not eject any characters

1. The parameter setting is incorrect, please set the parameters according to the instructions of the user manual again;

2. The editing is incorrect , Or no editing characters, please clear the screen and edit again;

3. Improper adjustment of the position of the photoelectric switch, adjust the position of the photoelectric switch;

4. There is no high voltage on the high voltage board (insulated screwdriver can be used) Check whether the high-voltage board is sparking and the sparking strength), the high-pressure is wet, stop printing and wait for a while and try again;

5. The single-chip microcomputer board is interfered by the external magnetic field, so keep the printer away from the source of strong magnetic field. Restart and adjust.

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