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Daily work set of coding engineer: calculating ink consumption

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-05-04
It is said that there is a 'mystery room' in the headquarters in Shanghai. In this room, you can often complete some difficult, demanding, and unusual tasks. And they call this room the 'proofing room'. So, isn't the proofing room for making samples? What's the mystery? Because in addition to proofing, they have to complete a lot of work unknown in advance. For example, this automatically calculates the number of ink jet printing for one day, and a message is received in the proofing room: Li Gong Li Gong, a sample of the barcode printed on the battery a few days ago, are you okay? In addition, customers need to calculate the cost. How many barcodes can we print with a bottle of 500ML ink? It's done, please see the proofing report for details. ↑ Proofing effect↑ Is the number of proofing reports so accurate? How is this calculated? It is not calculated by me, it is calculated automatically by the printer, and both our and 8900 series have this function. It can be viewed in the properties of the database. I will send the video to you to see more clearly ↑ Click to view the video for more information, please visit Leadtech official website: or call:
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