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Debugging method of lens focal length of laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-20

Anyone who has used precision laser marking machines or has been in contact with precision laser marking machines knows that the correct adjustment of the focal length surface must be involved in the application of this equipment. At this time, the importance of the focal length of the lens is particularly emphasized. The laser engraving on the surface of the reasonable focal length of the lens is a subjective factor for the equipment to function normally and its performance. As a technical staff member who often trains users on the front line of customer application and guides customers to debug machinery and equipment, I have a deep understanding of the impact of the appropriate lens focal length on the performance of each laser engraving equipment, and many machines and equipment are directly used by people. Confusion and misunderstanding of how to properly adjust the lens focal length of laser marking equipment. Today, the editor will summarize the debugging method of the focal length of the laser marking machine lens for your reference!

First of all, before mastering the correct debugging method, let's popularize and understand the correct definition of lens focal length:

Lens focal length, also known as focal length, is a measure of the concentration or divergence of light in an optical system, and refers to the distance from the center of the lens to the focal point where the light is concentrated. As shown in the figure below:

In the laser marking equipment, after the laser beam is shaped by the laser generator, it will illuminate the focusing field lens with a parallel beam. The commonly used laser marking equipment is large Most of them are convex lenses, which are refracted by optical glass to focus the parallel light beam to a focal point, resulting in a focal plane. The vertical distance from the optical center point of a convex lens to the focal length plane is what people call the focal length of the lens. We generally use Fu003d how much to symbolize the focal length of the lens. Most of the laser equipment supporting focusing field lens are marked on it. For example: Fu003d163; Fu003d254. Focusing field lens is a very important optical component in laser marking equipment. As mentioned above, the parallel light generated by the laser generator can only be gathered together through the condensation and organization of the focusing mirror to exert its decisive power.

Dynamic pre-focusing, that is, the focusing step is placed before the deflection of the galvanometer, which can generate a larger laser marking format, which will not be described here. Our key is to master the latter, that is, post-focusing. The laser generator generates laser light and enters it into the galvanometer deflection lens, and cooperates with the control software to generate our preset laser marking pattern path. The galvanometer lens refracts the laser light to the focusing lens, and focuses the energy to the focal length surface of the lens for laser marking. From this picture, we can clearly see that the focused beam of the laser is like a conical needle. Therefore, if the energy of the laser beam is to be sharper, we can only shake the Z-axis of the laser marking machine to lift. , and adjust to the focal length plane of the lens. But what we can't see from this picture is that when the focused centripetal laser beam passes through the focal point of the lens, due to the characteristics of the laser (good monochromaticity, good coherence, good directionality, and brightness) high), the laser beams do not end here or change phase, they cross and scatter again. Therefore, if the laser focal length surface is too high or too low, the correct focal length surface will be missed. Only on the correct lens focal length, the laser spot is the smallest, the energy is the strongest, and the sound and color are the brightest after the laser reaches the object.

After we have a better understanding of the theoretical knowledge related to the focal length of the laser lens, then we will give some examples of common ways to find the focal length of the lens:

The first type: continuous light test method.

Draw a square or circle about 1 cm on the laser marking software. After filling it conventionally, adjust the laser energy to a relatively large value in the laser setting parameter column, and then work. The frequency should be as low as possible, then check continuous marking, put a metal business card or other shield on the laser projection position on the surface of the product, continue to emit light for laser marking, and shake the Z-axis up and down until the laser acts on the metal business card with the strongest energy. , when the sound is the clearest and the color is the brightest, it is basically the focal length. After testing several times, find the appropriate lens focal length. This method is more suitable for 1064nm wavelength fiber laser marking machine, semiconductor laser marking machine, end-pumped laser marking machine, 355nm ultraviolet laser marking machine, 532nm green laser marking machine, etc., co2 laser marking machine The machine can find a piece of white paper, then draw a box in the laser marking software, continuously emit light and shake the Z axis, and hit the focal plane when the line on the paper is the thinnest.

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