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Decryption nozzle of the core component of inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-06

The nozzle of the cij printer is one of the key parts of the cij printer, and it is also a location that is extremely vulnerable to damage. Compared with other parts of the inkjet printer, the nozzle part is designed The structure is extremely fine, so it is the most fragile. If the ink that clogs the printer cannot be ejected, it will hinder normal work. Today, the editor and all of you friends will come to learn about one nozzle.

First, the material of the nozzle

Ruby nozzles and stainless steel nozzles are usually used. Ruby’s inlay process is more complicated, it has high technical requirements for the producer, and the production environment is demanding. The ruby u200bu200bhas a high smoothness and no burrs. Ruby is naturally formed, with high hardness and corrosion resistance, so simple maintenance can be used for a long time. The value of ruby u200bu200bis far greater than stainless steel, so the price will be slightly higher. .

Second, how to solve the problem of nozzle blockage

Whether it is an imported cij printer or a domestic inkjet printer, the nozzles are all There is a possibility of clogging. Solving nozzle clogging is the basic skill of inkjet printer troubleshooting. If the nozzle of the printer has been blocked, it is recommended to remove it for cleaning (usually using ultrasonic waves). If it has not been removed, it is recommended to find a professional, or ask a professional for guidance.

This can effectively avoid damage to the nozzle plate caused by improper operation.

3. Daily maintenance of the nozzle


1. The operating environment should be dust-free or have dust-proof facilities .


2. It is recommended that operators undergo professional training and operate strictly in accordance with the specifications. .

3. The auxiliary parts cannot be changed casually.

4. Use the ink that matches the printer brand or the designated ink.

5. Maintenance: Always clean the nozzles of the inkjet printer. When cleaning the nozzles, use a specific cleaning agent, and it is strictly forbidden to rinse with water.

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