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Desktop type optical fiber laser marking machine advantage

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-04
Desktop type optical fiber laser marking machine. A portable optical fiber laser marking machine and desktop type laser marking machine. To solve the problems of existing large parts laser tag is designed. The machine with a computer main box size, small and convenient, can hold to operate, can be in any direction for large mechanical parts for laser marking. Optical fiber laser marking machine advantage 1 desktop. Using pulse fiber laser, the pulse width less than 30 ns, the output of up to 25 kw peak power, high beam quality with close to the diffraction limit M2 & lt; 1. 5. 2. Laser all-fiber structure design to ensure the high reliability of laser, without any optical element to adjust 3 collimation. System integration design, making it easier for customers to use for various industrial applications provide the ideal solution. 4. Long life, small volume, without huge water cooling system, simply air cooling. In a certain shock, vibration, high temperature or with ash, etc. Also can work normally under the harsh environment. 5. Processing speed is 2 - traditional laser marking machine 3 times, excellent beam quality, small light spot, line width is very narrow, is suitable for fine tag. 6. Using low cost, save electricity and energy saving, the whole machine power only 500 w. Compared with lamp pumped and semiconductor laser marking machine can save electricity 2 - every year 30000 yuan. 7. A modular design, convenient maintenance, small size. Save your valuable workshop space. Desktop type optical fiber laser marking machine applicable scope is especially suitable for hardware tools, cutting tools kitchen utensils and appliances, plastic products, computer keyboard, metal accessories, buttons, integrated circuits, packaging bottles, glass frames, sanitary ware, faucet products such as markers of print. Mark clear and beautiful, never disappear. Environmental requirement is simple, no need for constant temperature and humidity and water facilities. Supplies at least, to maintain the most Jane. Software function strong, academic works. Small size light weight, small occupied area, can be easily installed on the production line for online marking.
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