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Detailed analysis of the working principle of small character inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-06-05

Small character cij printers, as our most used models with wider application range, occupy about 80% of the market share in the domestic inkjet marking market. Customers use a huge amount of inkjet printer consumables every year. It is an objective cost. In order to save the use of inkjet printer consumables and avoid unnecessary waste, it is recommended that you learn the working principle of the inkjet printer and have a deeper understanding of the small character machine.

Continuously learn the working principle of the small character inkjet printer during use

Our better learning opportunity is in the use of In the process of learning, the inkjet printer must perform flying Leadtech Coding on the assembly line. During installation and debugging, a series of trainings will be carried out for the inkjet printer operator, operator, and workshop director, including the inkjet printer on and off, and the inkjet printer. Information editing, pattern editing and production, the principle explanation of the ink circuit system, the circuit control part analyzes each core control system in detail, cleaning, daily maintenance and other 13 aspects to carry out systematic and responsible explanations, and provide 24-hour technical support solutions .

Small character cij printer on/off:

Small character inkjet printer is a simpler one-button switch Control system, green power button, red power button. When starting, we only need to touch the green power button to start the printer. The start mode will be detected by the triple control system switch. In the first step, the circuit will give the pressure gear pump motor signal to work and run, from 0 Pressurize to 255, the ink adding tube extracts the ink from the ink tank, switches on and off through the main filter, the front filter of the nozzle, the ink filter to the solenoid valve, and finally enters the nozzle, and the ink line forms an ink dot connection and enters the recovery tank , suck back into the venturi block through the negative pressure of the recovery tank, and then enter the main ink tank to form a complete circuit.

The working principle of small character inkjet printer. Through the operation of the ink circuit, the ink and solvent of the ink tank are extracted into the main filter, the scribe block, the pressure buffer, the ink supply solenoid valve, the front filter of the nozzle, the nozzle, and the recovery tank, and the uncharged ink is discharged through the recovery pipeline. It is recycled and returned to the ink tank again to complete a cycle. During the operation of the ink circuit, the control and assistance of the circuit system is required to operate stably.

This raises the requirements for printer designers, not only requiring the design of a short and stable ink supply system, but also a good control sensing system , such as pressure control, ink speed control, viscosity control system, etc. In the operating principle of the inkjet printer, this part is very important, which directly determines the later stability, printing effect and service life.

Through the cooperation of ink circuit and circuit, our inkjet printer finally forms characters. Why are small characters? Because the printing height of our general inkjet printer is between 1.2mm and 15mm, through the detailed parameter difference, we can know the principle and working operation guide of different types.

Problems that need to be paid attention to during the operation of the small character inkjet printer

In the process of use, we should always read the manual , or communicate with the technical staff of the manufacturer. For the inkjet printer, the use of the software system is very important. At the same time, every year, some new software versions are updated to improve some loopholes and solve the problems encountered by some customers. BUG problems, etc., the main purpose is to optimize the use, so that customers can use it more quickly and conveniently.

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