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Detailed explanation of marking content

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-20

The logo is the most familiar thing that everyone often sees in work and life, but how to see the essence through the phenomenon, please listen to the author.

Children will always be the parents’ cherished treasure. With the change of family planning policy, the state has liberalized the two-child policy, and the number of newborns has increased. However,

The importance of parents to their children has not decreased at all. All things related to children, no matter how big or small, parents seem to be intolerable The slightest negligence and laziness

laziness. In order to improve with everyone.

Food, clothes, toys, etc. are all children's daily necessities and are the areas that parents care about most. However, problems do emerge in endlessly. For example, the melamine incident of Sanlu milk powder that once made a sensation

is enough to make parents fearful and buying children's products is like walking on thin ice. Different countries need to mark the content of the label

and the requirements are different. The following author takes Chinese toys as an example, try to discuss the label from the perspective of industry experts. The label of a regular product will generally contain the following content:

1. Name: The name of the toy is required Comply with national and industry standards, and be able to show the true attributes of the product.

2. Product standard number: The toy of a regular manufacturer will indicate the code of the implemented standard on the label.

3. Age range: Toys from regular manufacturers will clearly indicate the applicable children’s age range on the label, or product packaging, and instructions for use, and the printed age mark will be marked< /p>

Comply with the relevant regulations of GB 6675.

4. Safety warning: For some toys that may have safety hazards, the manufacturer will print warning signs or print warning text on the label or packaging. The standard of safety warning

Note requirements and expression methods need to comply with the relevant regulations of GB 6675.

5. Material name and content: Especially for plush fabric toys, the fabric used in the product and the main ingredients of the filling should be indicated on the label or other parts.

6. Maintenance and maintenance: For toys that may be healthy and sanitary, the maintenance and maintenance methods should be indicated on the label or manual.

7. Production date and expiration date: For toys that require a limited expiration date, the production date and safe expiration date should be indicated on the label or manual.

The above is the identification method prepared by the author for parents, I hope it can be helpful to you.

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