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Different models of laser coders

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-03

With the rapid development of the economic era, all walks of life are making continuous progress. In particular, marking products such as laser inkjet printers and printers have an increasing share in the market. Various cij printers continue to appear. The appearance of the cij printer has the work that should be done,

There are various types of laser printers

In this case , What kind of things do our own industry need small character laser inkjet printer: This laser cij printer is a common type, widely used, generally used in food, makeup, medicine and other industries, but this convenient type also has Defects, rubber and other products are not suitable for use. High Analytical : Inkjet printing with resolution over 200DPI is called High Analytical , which is mainly used in several industries such as plastic pipes and cartons.

Before purchasing a laser printing machine, you should understand its scope of use.

Laser inkjet printer: The production efficiency and effect of the laser inkjet printer are very good, so it is suitable for industries that require too much marking. For example, the electronics industry, hardware, parts, accessories and other industries require laser inkjet printers. Thermal Foaming Printers: Selective materials for thermal foaming inks for printers are generally suitable for permeable surface materials such as paper, plastic, metal, cloth, etc. Portable Laser : Mainly used for large weights, molding, frequent changes of extensive information, variable location determination, practical scale limitations, and streamlined production conditions that are impossible or difficult. Such as heavy industry, on-site construction teams, online dealers for assembly of production lines, logistics distribution centers. Suitable for large items and item codes, hand-held cij printers are difficult to operate.

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